Service Overview

A & U Wawasan provides its customers with a large range of TV cabinets. From LEDs to home Vs, we provide customized TV cabinets that can adjust to your theatrical needs. Today, new shapes and sizes of TVs make it difficult for customers to find the perfect TV cabinet for their home.

A & U Wawasan gives its customers a chances to choose their own TV cabinet design, shape, color and material that goes well with their overall interior design. Keeping up with the latest technology and designs.

A & U Wawasan provides its customers the choice of multiple cabinet designs that can change your TV watching experience. We can even produce individual capacity units for your TV, speakers, music station etc. so that the customer can use the product as per their liking.

We can also produce TV cabinet that goes well with the overall atmosphere of your home or office by picking out unique designs and ideas for our customers.